Large Mound – My Whole Life Is Have To (Scientific Laboratories, 2007)


Nick: as in M-O-U-N-D?




I ask myself what are they bringing to the music scene?

I heard this all before, sometime.

I presume they’re playing their instruments correctly and not messing up.

there must be at least 3792 other bands who sound just like this.

what is it saying?

bands like this always strike me as…..bands that start off in secondary school, and they’re not sure of their style, they’re messing about and soon enough they start emulating another band. the bands survives through college and into their twenties, soon they can draw a crowd and they start making a bit of money and releasing albums. and it’s been a few years and the band, everyone, has just forgotten that when they started they sounded just like this older band. but their sound hasn’t changed one bit.

that’s how we get these thousands of bands who all sound the same.

can you not see that? are these guys not completely samey to you??

maybe a tiny bit but i guess what’s important is they have great songs.

but so what? I’ve heard 300 great songs this week, not every one makes me say WOW! not everyone’s a radiohead or an arcade fire or even the eh..the spook of the thirteenth lock.

yr gonna have to shut up for a minute, can’t type this fast.

well I think I’m done.

(as I’m going through the text fixing and tidying, I stick on the Real Estate 7”)

now see! this band is using the same elements as the band before, but managing to make something that is relatively original. and they’re probably using less electricity to! hahaha

I really like Large Mound, someone once said something along the lines of ‘Thin Lizzy meets Sebadoh’ (maybe it was the band themselves), but they’re way better than that. And oh yeah, they’re playing with The Dudley Corporation (as The Large Corporation) tomorrow at ‘One For The Road’. Get there early!



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