Here We Go Magic – S/T (Western Vinyl, 2009)


(track 1 – Only Pieces ends)

Nick: that ended a bit strangely didn’t it?

did it?

yeah it just seemed to cut out….weird.

(track 2 – Fangela)

and this is the same band?

wow, sounds different doesn’t it?

I think it’s very inconsistent, I mean some of it is very good but the the rest is filled with the usual experimental repetitive dross, that’s……nothing.

(track 7 – Nat’s Alien)

by all means sit at home and make this noise on your computer, see if you get anywhere but don’t put it on a recording.

if you compared this track to the first one, if you played them to some one, they’d never guess that they came from the same album.

what’s wrong with that though?

well I think the audience who would like the first one wouldn’t like this one and vice versa, this is music for very ‘serious’ music nerds who want to pretend that they’re highly intelligent, they would probably disregard the first track as lightweight pop.

(track 8 – Everything’s Big)

this one now sounds like 1930’s honky tonk showtunes, these guys need to take a good look at themselves.

So, everything I read about this record says that it’s the work of Luke Temple, as if I’m supposed to know who that is. But no matter, kinda like Nick said this is dusty cyclical droning pop songs, ‘noise’ (that really doesn’t come off) and an unbelievably strange album closer that seems like it was drafted in from another world, never mind another record.

It’s pretty great.


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