Ivor Cutler – Dandruff (Virgin, 1974)


Nick: ok well…….

this is aimed at the lunatic fringe, isn’t it?

occasionally funny.

that could only have come from one country, where eccentricity is seen as a virtue in itself.

this is sort of…the goons but y’know? faintly set to music but not as clever or funny or erudite or…

basically you could listen to it once and be mildly amused, but never again.

because of the accent, they try to make something of value out of it.


the posh voice, it’s there to make the cheap puns seem funnier.

that sort of thing can work but you have to be Peter Sellers, or…..you have to be of a much greater calibre than this is.

it’s schoolboy stuff.

When people get asked what music they like to fall asleep to, the answer is normally something ambient, say….Stars of the Lid or whoever. And yeah that’s fair enough, you won’t get any argument from me. But why is it never Ivor Cutler? What could be better than a warm, wise and laconic Scottish voice gently forcing whimsical absurdities into yr slowly slowing brain?



One response to “Ivor Cutler – Dandruff (Virgin, 1974)

  1. ” In The Chestnut Tree” of Jammy Smears is probably my favourite song ever. there is a wonderful documentry about him called “looking for truth with a pin”, wellworth seeking out.

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