Japanther – Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt (Wantage, 2008)


(track 5: Africa Seems So Far Away)

Nick: the few bits of music at the beginning were pretty good, but this speech, it’s so pretentious, it’s for 16 or 17 year old arty people.

reminds me of my pipe smoking, sandal wearing youth. ‘lets be poetic intellectuals’ you know?

I’m sure there are still kids like that, sitting in darkened rooms and drooling over this stuff. bunch of idiots.

I know it’s my age showing but I’m past this.

I don’t think it has anything to do with age, I think this part is garbage.

the voice as well, hahaha I love it, trying to sound like Richard Burton.

El Crappo.

it would be much much better if that guy just shut up.

he’s back.

ahhhhoooh, I know exactly what kind of person this guy is aaaaaaaand I hate him.

he’s a mess, the last person you’d want to talk to at a party.

he’s deeply convinced of his own significance, whereas I am deeply convinced of his insignificance.

oh fuck off!

So here’s a weird one, Japanther play short, willfully dumb and unrelentingly fun punk pop, they play it like crazy they do. But here they give over 20 minutes of their album to two long, dull and embarrassing spoken word plods (feat. Penny Rimbaud) that could even make fans of Current 93 puke all over themselves.
Still, use the >> button and you’ll have 15 minutes of fun at least.



3 responses to “Japanther – Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt (Wantage, 2008)

  1. For some reason I thought they split up, picked up two 7″s a couple of years back, both were great.
    Crass were/are still amazing though,



  2. where'd you get that belt buckle?

    friend gave it to me

  3. japanther is a great band, you fucking sound pretentious. get a life instead of committing it to this mindless blog.

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