Electrelane – The Power Out (Too Pure, 2004)


Nick: electro lane


electro lane

no, no o, tre, Electrelane

electra lane

tre, tre, Electrelane, one word.

this is good stuff!

quietly inventive.

if you listen to it superficially there’s not much to it, but listen carefully and there’s lots of invention.

actually it corresponds to what I’m looking at, logo’s made entirely from type, some of them are very clever, subtle.

very clever use of what I call dynamics.

everyone calls it that

do they? ok, so I’m right.

very effective, not a sledgehammer.

where are they from?


I can’t put my finger on it but they sound very European, mainland Europe, don’t ask me why but I never would’ve said American or British.

well, they have been singing in French and Spanish.

yes, I’ve just become aware of that.

it also has some elements of modern jazz in it, doesn’t it?

in fact it has loads of elements in it.

although it’s occasionally running extremely close to being very ordinary, it’s great stuff, I like it, I do like it.

Now on ‘indefinite hiatus’, Electrelane were / are one the best things ever, come back you moany lesbos!



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