My Bloody Valentine – Loveless (Creation, 1991)


Nick: did that start at the beginning?



{Track 5 – When You Sleep}

I’ve heard this one before haven’t I?

it’s highly possible.

or have they stolen it from somewhere?

yeah that! doo-di-dee-do-do.

{Track 6 – I Only Said}

This I’ve heard before as well!

well you’ve probably just heard me playing it.

that must be it.

this is the wrong way to listen to this, I reckon I would like it if I were totally immersed in it, more volume, less distraction.

the last couple were interesting, but the first ones were dreary and repetitive noise, which is fine but you have to be immersed to get it.

you know what they remind me of as well?

Manhattan Transfer?

haha no, they’re Irish, name some Irish bands, you played them recently.

The Jimmy Cake?



could you not hear them playing this? obviously it would be different instrumentation, but they come from the same part of the forest.

All album covers should look like how the music within sounds.


2 responses to “My Bloody Valentine – Loveless (Creation, 1991)

  1. too right about the cover!

  2. Drowned in Sound are doing a shoegaze kinda week thing over there. Few good articles if yer into this kinda thing.

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