Edan – Beauty & The Beat (Lewis, 2005)


Nick: This is a complete chaotic mess.

but for some reason it works! in fact it gets better the more chaotic it becomes.

it’s fascinating.

the bits like this, with the rapping, are quite ordinary but when it goes into these sections with all the mixing, all the different sounds and genres coming together it gets very interesting.

now, obviously it’s not my scene, I won’t be running back to listen to this, but as I said, it’s fascinating.

I have no idea how easy it is to make music like this, but I’d imagine it’s very hard to get it all to come together so well.

and energy, you’d need lots energy. I reckon he’s a non-smoker.

Salvador Dali


Salvador Dali

oh did he mention him?

no but he said ”numbers fall off the clock” I bet that’s a Dali reference.

you could be right.

is this still called rap?

yeah I guess so, hip hop.

but it’s more isn’t it? progressive rap?

there really isn’t a second that isn’t interesting, even the more normal bits are interesting because you’re waiting to hear where it will go next.

amazing stuff. has everything I like about music.

Enter the technicolour echo chamber, let it spin you round till you start puking rainbows.



One response to “Edan – Beauty & The Beat (Lewis, 2005)

  1. As I clicked the link I was just thinking do they ever review a bit of hip-hop, and now I’ve got ‘I see colours’ swiming around my head, which is a very good thing. ya would think it’d be colors…

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