Nina Nastasia & Jim White – You Follow Me (Fat Cat, 2007)


Nick: Nina Nastasia and…?

Jim White

is he white?


my first reaction is, wind-cheaters, cardigans and sandals, English, folk.

exactly the same as it always was except that they’re trying desperately to update it with these weird rhythms, and the drumming accompaniment.

this stuff has been around for three centuries, they’re trying to bring it back to life.

am I being insensitive?

well whats wrong with wanting to update something?

nothing, but this isn’t a true update, the lyrics, the voice, the melodies, that’s all old stuff. but with all this badda-dabba-badda-dabba drumming…..

and to me there’s just this incompatibility between the music and her voice, she would be much better off playing with people from the same part of the forest as her.

occasionally the whole band do come together though.

this is just two people. she sings and plays guitar, he drums.

aha, now I understand, because it’s just the two of them he wants to be heard just as much. the old ego problem. he should be taking it easy, subtle. but instead he’s like ‘aaaagghhh look at me! notice me! I’m the drummer!’

the record is credited to the two of them as you might have noticed.

well that just backs up my point. ego.

so basically you’re a drumist.

what is a drumist?

you think drummers should be heard and not seen.

no no no! if this were jazz or something I’d have no problem with the drummer doing a solo, but this music just does not suit this kind of heavy drumming.

it’s like something that’s over designed, this is over drummed, the music would be fine without it.

it could be very good, it just needs new percussion, or a new band.

it’s like a lovely little subtle painting with a huge ostentatious frame around it.

This is my favorite out of Ms. Nastasias many amazing albums. Go figure.


3 responses to “Nina Nastasia & Jim White – You Follow Me (Fat Cat, 2007)

  1. Usually I’m a drummist and proud, but I do dig a bit of Jim White.

    I haven’t heard this particular album so can’t comment, but I find he’s usually very subtle when he’s backing people up on quiet-ish material.. ?

    • heh heh, i don’t think anyone would call mr white’s drumming on this subtle, no way no how. i’ve always seen the double billing as permission for jim to fill an equal amount of space as nina and that he does, to way way awesome effect.

  2. i think it takes a good bit of living with this album to get over jim’s antics, his drumming has way more to do with the inflections of nina’s voice then holding down any sort of rhythm

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