Super Extra Bonus Party – Night Horses (Self Released, 2009)


ok this is going to be the first time I listen to this as well, which isn’t normal practice…

Nick: it’s not

…but my brain is……..I just can’t really think of what else to do today.

and it’s by who again?

Super Extra Bonus Party

wow, what a terrible name.

their last album won the Choice Music Prize.

which is…..?

well, it awards the most innovative and forward thinking Irish album of a certain year, rather than caring about sales or anything like that.


{Track 4 – Thin Air feat. Mr Lif}

is that called orchestral rap?

probably not.

it’s quite imaginative but despite that, it doesn’t manage to become interesting.

do you know what I mean?

a lot of variation, a lot of……ehm.

it just doesn’t become compelling does it?

I don’t know if they want if to become compelling or not though.

who wouldn’t want their music to be compelling?

well some people just want to create an atmosphere don’t they?

point taken.

{Track 6 – Comets feat. Heathers}

oh this is something new.

that one was very good.

the girls voices really bring a whole new dimension to it.

because also, they ehm…..

{Track 7 – Eamonn feat. May Kay}

this is a different girl now?


well this is better as well, there’s more structure when the girls are involved.

{Track 8 -Do Incio Ao Fim feat. Rodrigo Teles}

it’s the old problem isn’t it?

they repeat something ad nauseum and I still can’t understand it.

sowetto shark?

it’s the way he started?

it’s significant isn’t it?

what is?

the fact they’d repeat it throughout yet no one can understand it.

I’m going back on what I said, it is interesting.

{Track 9 -Tea With Lord Haw Haw feat. Captain Moonlight & White Noise}

super human master race?

yeah, they’re massive Nazi’s, did I not say that?

ARE THEY!?!?!?!

no, I’m kidding.

oh haha ok, thank god.

well they could be.

the only thing it doesn’t do, I think, is it doesn’t hang together as an album.

it’s like someone assembled all his favorite songs onto one CD.

they don’t all come from the same part of the forest, as they say.

I’ve never heard anyone except you say that.

you’ve never heard that?!?

it’s not my fault that you’re terribly uneducated.

if I *was* terribly uneducated it *would* be your fault.

hahaha good point, well no, I could have sent you to a very good school and you could’ve just not paid any attention.

actually that’s exactly what did happen!

haha maybe you could ask our visitors if they know the phrase?

who? oh the people who read the site?

well, you just did.

I think they should’ve been more discerning, some of this, especially the beginning is quite boring.

I’d like to see them live, do they play, have you seen them?

yep, I saw them at Hard Working Class Heroes, the sound was really bad so I left after a few minutes, seemed to be having a lot of fun though.

I’m not sure if the latter half of the album is better or if I just had to get used to them.

Gonna agree with Nick here, some of it’s pretty bleh, other bits, especially the track with Heathers, are really great but I’d say you’d be hard pressed to find someone outside of the band who thinks every track is aces.

They’re having a launch party this Friday in Andrew’s Lane, full details on their website.


11 responses to “Super Extra Bonus Party – Night Horses (Self Released, 2009)

  1. alfie wonderlove

    Are you on drugs or something?I have never read a more infantile review than yours.This is a magnificent album and has been getting rave reviews so far.Take off the blinkers and listen again.

  2. I dont think Mr. Wonderlove is a regular reader of your wonderful site and possible is not even aware of the concept of the blog. I thought it was quite possitive considering all the non”real music” involved with S.E.B.P. If he thought this was a harsh review he should read the dan deacon or Dublin Duck D. reviews

  3. colm music fan

    probably the most cynical review ive ever read,i give you a snideness rating of 9/10. im deducting 1 point because your not good enough for a 10.

  4. Super Human Master Race!!!

  5. I was expecting a heated debate over the proliferation of the phrase “they don’t all come from the same part of the forest,” For all I know Nick could of coined it.

    The backlash to the perceived inevitable backlash was gas. I personally don’t read reviews to have my opinions justified, i read them for the reasons given to explain the opinion.

    Give them hell Nick!

    ps: you were wrong about Earth, and all the other reviews I’ve read say so :p

  6. “They’re massive Nazis” Lol! I liked Nick’s review. We’re on the same page about the Heathers tracks for sure!

    Really like this blog and the whole concept. Shall be back for more 🙂

  7. Comets is definitely the standout on this alright…
    I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard that phrase either, but I certainly do like it.

  8. The album is bloody fantastic, they are by far the most exciting and energetic live band in Ireland. Its about time any narrow minded begrudgers gave sebp the respect they have without a doubt earned.

  9. You’ve done it once again. Incredible read!

  10. If only I had a buck for every time I came to Amazing read.

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