The Bastard Rain – Of Stolen Birds (Drunken Lust, 2009)


Nick: R-a-i-n? or r-e-i….

falls from the sky.


{few minutes later}

what are they called again?

something rain?


not rebel rain.

what do you think they should be called?

the persistent rain.

it’s the bastard rain.

oh yes.

not into melody are they?

this is just my initial reaction but I think they’re trying too hard to sound significant.

listen to his voice

{Nick does an impression – deep, booming, way over the top}


is this more than one person?


three. ok

I bet they all have long curly hair, they wear old, long leather jackets, as if they’re pioneers.

‘we are poets’

and I would say the person who writes this stuff, hasn’t got much of a sense of humour.

actually I have a better name for them.

the ponderous rain. that’s how it comes across to me, ponderous.

if they were here, I’d tell them to lighten up a bit.

cause it is really music to be played at funerals isn’t it?

severely depressive.

and there’s no relief either, it just goes on and on.

maybe it’s an analogy for life or something.

life has much brighter moments than this.

maybe it’s an analogy for an incurable disease.

thank god life has brighter moments than this.

this weighs you down, slow oppressive clouds bearing down.

I’m afraid that anybody who actually likes this is suicidal.

I like it, heh.

it’s pretty atrocious. I hate the whole attitude of it.

Tupelo, the evening redness in the west, mud, death, all that kinda stuff. But in a good way.


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