Sunn O))) – Monoliths & Dimensions (Southern Lord, 2009)


…it’s called Monoliths & Dimensions.

Nick: ho ho

4 songs in 54 minutes.

long songs…


I’m sure the lyrics are significant but I can’t hear them, it’s just a rumble.

all it’s missing is a horror film to go along with it.

because it’s not music, it’s a soundtrack.

again, it’s somebody who is either trying to have everybody on or is taking himself too seriously.

doesn’t scare me!

might scare an 11 year old in the dark in his bedroom…

though it’s quite tiring to listen to.

obviously based on droning aeroplanes.

how much longer did you say this is going to last?

ehm, hold on…..another 20 minutes or so.

ok, I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold out.

actually it’s 30 minutes, I did my maths wrong.

not surprising, with that in your ears, your whole life could go wrong.

this is phony, pretentious, terrible terrible stuff.

it’s actually a great relief when it stops.

has he got a day job?

yeah he works in a creche.

does he?


well I was about to say he doesn’t seem in any way dangerous.

he sounds like a little pussycat with a tiny mickey.


so he tries to compensate by making this ‘scary’ ‘masculine’ ‘dark’ rubbish.

you’d only have to walk up to him and say BOO!

it’s a little bit Darth Vader-y too isn’t it?

to me it depicts a sad lack of…. everything

musicality, intelligence, sensitivity, creativity mainly creativity.

you name it, it lacks it.

I’m sad to say whoever made this doesn’t have a creative bone their body.

you made it to the end.

not willingly, that is one of the worst attempts at…..being original and all that….

absolute crap!

it’s just…..nothing.

You know Sunn O))). Even if you’ve never heard them you know them. They’re the guys who wear cloaks and have beards and play low and slow in front of 870 amps. Some of their songs are ridiculously, unintentionally silly (like the first 3 here) and others are strangely, massively beautiful (like the last one here).


2 responses to “Sunn O))) – Monoliths & Dimensions (Southern Lord, 2009)

  1. I think “first three tacks = NO / fourth track = YES” was my exact conclusion when listening to this for the first time the other day too.

    I was hoping Sunn 0))) would have gotten over their slightly comedic “Attila Csihar being eeeeevil” thing after Black One, and might return to doing something more genuinely impressive, but apparently not.

    I think Nick should have a listen to ‘White One’ to make amends – I’d love to hear what he has to say about the opening track!

  2. Ha,ha – its just………nothing

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