Future Islands – Wave Like Home (Upset The Rhythm, 2008)


Nick: it’s sort of…….

it’s very difficult to know what to make of this.

like, it’s…….

it comes across to me as something from….20 / 25 years ago.

ok it’s over.

I sort of like it, as I said it comes across as old.

ehhh….,  released last year.

so they’re not exactly up to date are they?

but then, that doesn’t matter.

again, I’m not quite sure if I got used to it or if the later numbers are actually better.

it’s a bit strange, I find.

pretty weird stuff.

I picture the singer as a really really fat guy, sweating profusely, maybe wearing a cape and a crown, clothes covered in stains and paint. Tonight I shall find out if I’m right when they play with Dan Deacon, Teeth Mountain and Adventure in Andrew’s Lane in Dublin.



One response to “Future Islands – Wave Like Home (Upset The Rhythm, 2008)

  1. He wasn’t fat but he was sweating profusely. I thought they were good, good enough to buy the tape, which means I guess that I can download it on MP3 without guilt.

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