Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (Dedicated, 1997)


Nick: So far I like it.

but a question always enters my mind when I listen to stuff like this; is there too much in it?

is it overcooked?

I was at a recording session once where someone who was into all this layering spent over an hour trying to get some bells onto a track, and I couldn’t hear it at all, no one could.

is it worth spending all that time, when you can’t even make out a whisper of some of the sounds?

it’s still nice though.

there’s something very filmic about it as well, the instrumental bits feel like they’ve been written to illustrate something.

it’s very nice stuff but if I had a say in the production, I’d reduce the amount of the…

the very full bits, I’d put in some bits where there’s a bit of relief.

{track 11 – Cool Waves}

see! when this part comes along it’s like aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

needs more bits like this, maybe I’m just showing my age but I can’t take it for too long.

it’s such a huge production too isn’t it?

obviously has a sense of the…what is it? …..the grandiose! the anthemic.

and it’s Spiritualized?

god I hate the name, it sounds so phony.

You know.



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