Bark Psychosis – Hex (Circa, 1994)


Nick: Doesn’t sound very psychotic.

their name deceives.

they don’t bark and they’re not psychotic.

apart from that it’s….fairly pleasant music.

nothing dramatic.


do you think it’s important for a bands name to give some indication as to what they sound like?

no no, it’s not important, but a name has to come from somewhere, right?

so maybe when they started they wanted to be barking and psychotic but changed at the last minute.

it’s very gentle, lyrical.

they’re sort of almost…strawberries and cream.

do you think that would be a better name for them?

what? oh strawberries and cream?….yes it probably would be actually.

they suffer from the usual….

well I don’t know if it’s suffering but….

no surprises, once you hear the first song you know what they’re going to do.

no surprises so far anyway.

they’re just going to tinkle on regardless basically.

no that’s a mean thing to say which I don’t really mean.

you know who they remind me of? in the instrumental parts anyway.




Modern Jazz Quartet. John Lewis, Milt Jackson.

they had a vibraphone too, I bet these guys would like them.



and not easy to catagorize, it does it’s own thing.

Bacon and Peanut Butter sandwich.


would you eat one? I’m doing a questionaire here.

ehmm…yeah…..I probably would.

it’s sounds weird at first but the more I think about it the more I think it could actually be really nice.

yeah, you’re right.

ok, I’ll answer that question tomorrow, after I’ve tried it.

I like it quite alot actually.

the more I listen to it the more it grows on me.

I love it actually. love it.

This was requested by a guy called Luke. Thanks Luke. Thuke.


One response to “Bark Psychosis – Hex (Circa, 1994)

  1. Hey thanks for reviewing this guys, I will definately check the M.J.Q out. also Nick was right on the nose with that comment about the name , apparently there first single sounds like Napalm death.

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