City Center – S/T (Type, 2009)


Nick: I’m sure this means something to them.

but it doesn’t mean anything to me.

{track 5 – Bleed Blood}

This is a bit better, it has a melody.

which is always nice, something to hang on to.

yep, getting better.

I always have the feeling that music like this…if you can call it music.

always depends too much on serendipity.

as in, you try a few things in the studio and if it sounds good you use it.

but it hasn’t been worked on over a long time, hasn’t been thought out.

well what about someone like Neil Young?

what about him?

his jammy-er stuff, how much is thought out before entering the studio? does he just show the band the chords and they rock out for a while and then pick the best take? how much of that is serendipitous?

well, that’s different as he begins with a song.

so does this guy by the sound of it, there’s songs underneath.

but here the serendipity is overcoming the song.

it’s like found art, find some junk, put it on a pedestal, now it’s a sculpture.

{track 6 – Cloud Center}

this is sort of halfway between just noise and music isn’t it?

this should be a sound effects record.

people making films about rippling water or whales could use it.

but as a piece of music on it’s own it’s very unsatisfactory.

{track 8 – Summer School}

oh and then as soon as I say that they completely change it.

interesting to listen to, not unpleasant but quite unsatisfactory.

underwater, vague, undetermined soundtrack.

what I always find amazing with people like that is that they WANT to do stuff like that.

I’m not against experimentation but…….

actually… if you can sell it, sell it!

Pop songs from the bottom of the ocean.


One response to “City Center – S/T (Type, 2009)

  1. Probably my favourite album for last year, nice matt vinyl cover to.

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