Starfucker – S/T (Badman, 2008)


Nick: I find…huckgagcha…sorry.

I find this almost very good.

and I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, it seems to have an overall dullness of sound.

it’s like a photo without enough contrast.

there’s very nice things in it but….

ok, there’s nothing dramatically brilliant about it but there are some nice bits.

you’d like a bit of…

and I’ve no idea why that is.

yeah! you know that there’s an awful lot going on, lots of instruments played or mixed or whatever and yet they only achieve a small sound.

and I think it has something to do with the keyboard sound, it’s dull and…

it sounds like a house organ, y’know the kind people had, they’d all stand around the organ and sing hymns?

maybe that’s what they want but if I were the producer I would throw it out, it’s not what I want.

it just makes the whole thing mini.

like there’s no eh…do you know what I’m getting at or do you think I’m talking a load of cobblers?

well….they’re not using the same sound in every song….

no but they are using it a lot.

I’m not looking forward to listening to it again, but it’s quite good.

Blah blah blah blah pop, blah blah blah dressed up as blah blah, blah yadda blah, blah yadda pretty good, blah blah yadda yadda great.

Blah yadda.


One response to “Starfucker – S/T (Badman, 2008)

  1. Florida, German Love and Rocky Blah Blah Blah are amazink, maybe one or two other really good songs, but two or three you wouldn’t miss

    always felt to me like this dude was an indie pop guy, who bough a bunch of keyboards and just used the first pre-set that came up.. great tunes, but coud’ve dug a little deeper on the sounds

    new album out soon, clip on youtube looks bad, just flat sounding like a bad postal service or cut copy or something… a little over producded

    still.. what that “the world is one great big wiggle” sample kicks in on Florida, I’m goosebumps everytime!

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