Boredoms – Vision Creation Newsun (Birdman, 2001)


Nick: Sounds ominous… doesn’t it?

when it started out I didn’t think I would like it, but I do!

despite the fact that….if this were a painting it would be……abstract decorative.

{track 2: Star}

like it has…eh…..oh now it has deteriorated into complete rubbish, like they no longer know what to do with it, slice it up, cut it.

like, it has no……..

it’s still nice, quite nice.

not too many ideas, it starts somewhere and just carries on, y’know?

the twittering bird sounds work fine.

as with all this kind of stuff, it becomes wallpaper after a while.

the changes are there but they’re not surprising or dramatic enough to make a big difference.

oh….I was about to walk away there but we’re still listening right?

well, if need to do anything go ahead, this is gonna be on for another half hour at least.

and all in the same way?

the more you listen to them the more their name becomes appropriate.

A few years back, the Boredoms announced a gig in London, I immediately bought a ticket, booked flights and somewhere to stay. There was no way I was gonna miss them while they were over this side of the world. Then they announced they’d be playing Primavera in Barcelona a couple days after the London show. I was already going to Primavera so…score! Boredoms twice in one week! Then they announced a show in Dublin a few days before Primavera…ehhh ok I’ll go see them three times in a week so.

In the airport on the way home from Barcelona I bumped into eYe and Yoshimi from the band. I blurted out ‘ohmygodhii’mabigfanijustsawyouguysthreetimesthisweekdublinlondonandhereyouwere-amazingatallthreeshowsandi’vebeenwaitingagestoseeyouandiwassoexcitedandandandand”. They just smiled nervously and nodded, dunno if it was the language barrier or if they were actually scared for their lives.

I quite like the Boredoms.


One response to “Boredoms – Vision Creation Newsun (Birdman, 2001)

  1. that primavera show was something else. wasnt that into them at the time, but seeing them live was a turning point and this is the only album I seem to go back to.

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