Belle & Sebastian – Tigermilk (Jeepster, 1999)


Nick: Do you mind if we switch the fan off?

oh boy….really?

it interferes with the sound.

ok, 41 minutes in the sauna.

so far…I like that.

oooooh, he missed that note rather seriously there.

the only thing I find slightly irritating is….he has this….in England they’d call it a prep-school voice.

upper-middle class, you can hear he’s a ‘very nice boy’.

but that’s not a real criticism.

girls would be very happy to bring him home to their mothers.

great listenability, if that’s a word.

not easy-listening.

great melodies, great lyrics…..


very nice.

it isn’t exactly.. ehh… whatyamacallit….ground breaking stuff, but in it’s genre, I like it a lot.

Phew, fans back on. We work in the attic of our house, heat rises, days like this can get pretty unbearable. But what other option do we have? We can’t just let the whirring disturb the gentle indie-pop, can’t just carry on regardless. It wouldn’t be fair to you – our fans (oh man I’m funny).

This is for Sean.


One response to “Belle & Sebastian – Tigermilk (Jeepster, 1999)

  1. AWESOME! Thanks Nick & Ruan. Very Nice is good enough for me.

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