De La Soul – 3 Feet High and Rising (Tommy Boy, 1989)


Nick: this, to me, sounds like rap for people who don’t like rap.

soft rap.

but it’s…

I certainly wouldn’t listen to it twice.

that opening with the gameshow, it’s just a load of cobblers.

not interesting, not funny.

but the music is good, intelligent.

rap that you can take home to your mother.

well that was the idea I guess, they wanted to mark themselves out as different, like look at the cover, all the flowers, the yellow and pink and so on.

well, it worked.

I have a certain amount of sympathy for it, not admiration, sympathy.

I’d say the genuine rappers would absolutely hate this.

‘what do these bastards think they are doing??!’

it’s almost like symphonic rock in that….these people have no business making rap.

spinster rap.

rap for old ladies in twinsets.

nicely inoffensive.

but surely then it could be argued that it was extremely radical.

for it’s time.

yeah, you *could* argue that, but it would be incredibly stupid.

like… the biggest revolutionary is the person who accepts everything?

good musicians too, it’s well played.

well they’re pretty much all samples.

oh really? wow, that’s quite clever.

oh, here’s a list of all the samples.

hahahaha, oh my god.

do you know what I always find about that?

the amount of patience and musical knowledge that must go into making each song.

they must be…like where do you start?

but then, is it art?

I guess…yeah it probably is.

of course I’m not used to that, I never expect samples.

and if you don’t expect samples you don’t hear them.

so they’re capable of fooling me.

but now that you’ve said it, I can start to recognize things.

it goes on a bit doesn’t it?

you wouldn’t play it on a daily basis.

What can I say about De La Soul?



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