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WANTED!!! – One Faith No More Ticket.

I’m desperate, desperate enough to use this blog as a platform to beg from. I’m writing this on my knees: Please, someone help me get to the FAITH NO MORE show tonight.

If you’re an everyday person who’s being dragged along by your husband/wife/partner/sibling for company, I will happily take your place, seriously, take the night off, you deserve it, I’ll have them home safe before midnight.

If you work for MCD and want to help realise the first ever ‘Nick Thinks… Live Gig Review’, then get in touch, I’m more than happy to spend the gig writing down whatever Nick says in between songs. I’m sorry we never reviewed that CD you sent us, we’ll do way better this time I promise.

If you are a member of the popular group FAITH NO MORE or more likely if you are a member of the support, Adebisi Shank (good work guys!), and you happen to read this: put me on the guestlist, c’mon, don’t be mean.

If you are that one legged tout who is normally outside all the big gigs and tonight you notice a sad and dejected young man who looks kinda like Sue Perkins, that’s me! hop on over and sell me a ticket (at face value), don’t be a prick.

Seriously, if  ANYONE knows of ANYWAY they can help then please get in touch!

nickthinksblog [at] gmail [dot] com

Here’s what I wrote about FNM in March of this year:

FNM are back! I missed them at Dalymount Park way back when, Hopefully this summer I’ll finally get a chance to see the first band I ever loved.



Cave – Psychic Psummer (Important, 2009)


Nick: it’s ok.

there’s nothing terribly bad about it but you get the feeling they’re working to sell their music to a computer games manufacturer, I think.

it’s beginning to become sort of… a modern version of lift music.

it’s less making music then just playing music.

and playing with quite a lack of imagination.

I’m always amazed people actually buy that stuff.

if I was their music…eh composition teacher, I would put ‘MUST TRY HARDER’.

there’s nothing awful about it but it comes into my category of ‘nothing music’

weather you ever hear it or not, it makes no difference, it’s irrelevant.

this is one of those records where the more you hear the more you realise, it’s just nothing, no ideas, no……it’s just nothing.

you always get the impression that these people don’t really have a plan.

I was cycling down this big hill near where I live this morning. The sun was out, all the lights were in my favour and I thought to myself ‘maybe we should do that Cave record today’. So we did.

Girls – Album (True Panther Sounds, 2009)

girlsalbumNick: I assume these aren’t actually girls?

two boys.

I’m sure there there must be a reason for that.

he sounds like a young Elvis Costello.

it’s interesting.

they’re eh……sort of finding their way.

it’s quite inconsistent.

some of it was quite retro, old fashioned rock n roll, but then they stopped being retro and added…..interesting bits.

I like his voice as well, it’s not as Elvis Costello as I originally thought, but yeah he has that golf ball in the throat kind of voice.

back in the early days, when they didn’t have a name, do you think someone said to them ‘you’re a right pair of girls!’, and they said ‘a-ha!’.

it’s possible.

{track 7 – Headache}

now they sound completely different.

well, not really.

{track 8 – Lauren Marie}

it sounds like he’s saying ‘oh lord of the rings’

he is, he loves eh….Frodo and all that.


not really, he’s saying ‘oh Lauren Marie’.

it’s very good, I liked it, or like it.

they have a ‘sound’. I would probably recognize them again if I heard them, whereas a lot of bands at the moment, I find you listen to them and then half an hour later you can’t remember a thing because they sound like everybody else.

I always wonder what that has to do with? Most of them are based on the same instrumentation, but there’s so many other ways of making notes.

same with symphony orchestras.

I guess it’s just the staples, stuff that everybody likes.

if you start making a symphony orchestra with all these odd instruments in the place of violins, would be people like it?

it’s something I often wonder about.

and they certainly don’t sound like girls.

is that a good thing?

well….it is for two guys.

Trying to think of what to write here I googled ‘sexist jokes’ and that got me thinking; are sexist jokes gay?

The Clash – London Calling (CBS, 1979)


Nick: I saw someone walking round in a Clash t-shirt the other day, and I thought ‘I have no idea what they sound like, I know who they are but….’

they’re very in the tradition aren’t they?

wow, weird that I picked to do them today so, van Vliet synchronicity.

….something like that.

when is this from?


it’s a bit Rolling Stones….


yeah, bit sharper, less sophisticated, rougher.

but I like it.

I don’t know if this is a term that works with music at all but it comes across as very honest.

I think that’s something they were aiming for, well, authenticity.

that’s why it’s instantly sympathetic.

mind you, I did hear the forbidden word in one of the earlier songs.

my *baby* drove up in a brand new cadillac?

no no that would’ve been fine, but I heard them say ‘baby baby’ at one point.

it’s very poppy isn’t it?

which you wouldn’t expect with the name.

it’s rough poppy, working class pop?

I probably shouldn’t say that.

whenever I saw their name I tried to imagine what they’d sound like, and it was never like this.

do you know who else they remind me off a little bit?

Ian Dury, the same raw sound.

it’s the… it’s the band you’d expect to write a football song.

they should’ve written a football anthem.

I actually can’t imagine anybody not liking this.

and they sound like they’re enjoying it, which always makes a huge difference.

they’re definitely having a good time.

well, you can count me a fan.

one of nick’s picks?


Have you seen that Joe Strummer documentary? The Future is Unwritten? I have. I watched it on a plane. Thought he came across as a bit of a dick, but maybe that’s because I hate flying, maybe *I’m* the dick?

Listen to this record on Spotify.

Various Artists – Chum Onah: Butter x Face Celebrates the Music of M. Jackson (2009)


Michael Jackson is dead.

Nick: really?

when did that happen?

ha, so anyway….today we’ll review a MJ tribute album.

{track 1: Hungry Hungry Ghosts – Earth Song}

they went slightly off key there.

actually, not slightly, they went painfully off key there.

this isn’t a Michael Jackson song.

yes it is, Earth Song.

maybe I don’t know him too well.

how could you not know? his music is…or was inescapable.

well I know the song, I didn’t know it was by him.

it could be by Bruce Springsteen for all I know.

{track 3: Julian Lynch – Human Nature}

this is Michael Jackson?

no this is Julian Lynch.

he sounds exactly the same.

high voice.

yeah but lots of people have high voices, not many people sound like Michael Jackson, this guy has the same timbre.

I don’t like it.

I like the first one better.

{track 5: Tables and Chairs – Who’s Loving You}

this is a tribute too?


do they give any explanation for it?

fraid not.

it’s very difficult to say anything sensible about this.

everything is so different, some is quite good and some is just rubbish.

{track 8: Family Portrait – Will You Be There? (Free Willy Song)}

this is ok, sounds like a Christmas song.

I guess what this shows is just how good he was.

his music was exciting, made you want to dance.

this doesn’t.

{track 9: M. Pyres – I’ll Be There}

like, this….despite the relatively fast percussion, sounds as if they’re falling asleep.

{track 11: Julian Lynch – Leave Me Alone}

they did one earlier too right?


again I don’t recognize this song at all.

really? it’s a fairly faithful rendition.

maybe so but…. I don’t know it.

that’s it?

there’s a few nice things on it, but I’d rather listen to Michael Jackson, who is better then most of these people put together.

it suffers from… must be a trend in recent music… it all sounds tired.

everyone sounds like they’re about to fall asleep.

there’s no energy in it.

I suppose it’s cool to sound disinterested.

that’s been around for ages though.

yes but the more prominent it is the more it pisses me off.

if you don’t want to sing, don’t sing!

don’t pose.

but….you know I’d imagine it was put together in a hurry, jumping on the band wagon, which is always a bit sad.

well they’re giving it away free.

that’s good, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who’d want to buy it.

This was compiled by the gals over at Butter x Face.

Get it here!

Guided by Voices – Alien Lanes (Matador, 1995)


Nick: Is this an original recording?

or is it a copy of a copy?

it’s an original.

well, I guess it’s been done on purpose then.

why don’t they want to be heard?

from when does this date?


I don’t think the stuff is particularly original.

but the number of melodies in here could’ve made about five albums.

once they’re onto something they leave it again.

like….there we go again.

all these nice melodies just appearing for a moment.

I wonder why they do that?

is it a band or just one guy?

bit of both kind of…..Bob Pollard would’ve been the driving force certainly.

well I’d assume he suffers from attention deficit disorder.

the longest song is just under 3 minutes and the shortest is…..

30 seconds?


it’s a pity, there’s a number of great albums in here.

but this is just too….episodic.

but it’s very up to date….or no, it was ahead of it’s time.

no one has the time anymore for sustained listening.

were you surprised the first time you heard this?

well the first time I heard them was a compilation someone made for me, it was a full CD-R, there was probably around 100 songs on it, so I kinda knew what to expect after that.

if he was a poet he’d be writing limericks wouldn’t he?

has he ever written for television?

he’d be a great jingle writer.

it’s almost disturbing.

what would you think if I told you I’m going to see a Guided by Voices tribute band on Saturday?


that’s just……bizarre.

now, it’s great stuff, I just wish there was less of it.

is he trying to break a record or something?

I think people listen to music in a particular way, it’s like listening to somebody’s accent, the first few sentences may be hard to understand, but then it gets easier and then you start to appreciate it.

but this is like….he’s speaking with a think French accent and as soon as you begin to understand it he’s changed to Spanish and then Russian and so on.

or maybe it’s more like racing through an exhibition, there’s lots of things you want to see but you’re being dragged quickly along, nothing stays fresh in your mind.

As mentioned above, Voided by Ponces – Ireland’s leading GBV tribute band will play the second 10th birthday party in Twisted Pepper this Saturday.
Because it’ll be my birthday the band have kindly agreed to let me re-enact the Bulldog Skin video with them.

Listen to this record on Spotify.