Guided by Voices – Alien Lanes (Matador, 1995)


Nick: Is this an original recording?

or is it a copy of a copy?

it’s an original.

well, I guess it’s been done on purpose then.

why don’t they want to be heard?

from when does this date?


I don’t think the stuff is particularly original.

but the number of melodies in here could’ve made about five albums.

once they’re onto something they leave it again.

like….there we go again.

all these nice melodies just appearing for a moment.

I wonder why they do that?

is it a band or just one guy?

bit of both kind of…..Bob Pollard would’ve been the driving force certainly.

well I’d assume he suffers from attention deficit disorder.

the longest song is just under 3 minutes and the shortest is…..

30 seconds?


it’s a pity, there’s a number of great albums in here.

but this is just too….episodic.

but it’s very up to date….or no, it was ahead of it’s time.

no one has the time anymore for sustained listening.

were you surprised the first time you heard this?

well the first time I heard them was a compilation someone made for me, it was a full CD-R, there was probably around 100 songs on it, so I kinda knew what to expect after that.

if he was a poet he’d be writing limericks wouldn’t he?

has he ever written for television?

he’d be a great jingle writer.

it’s almost disturbing.

what would you think if I told you I’m going to see a Guided by Voices tribute band on Saturday?


that’s just……bizarre.

now, it’s great stuff, I just wish there was less of it.

is he trying to break a record or something?

I think people listen to music in a particular way, it’s like listening to somebody’s accent, the first few sentences may be hard to understand, but then it gets easier and then you start to appreciate it.

but this is like….he’s speaking with a think French accent and as soon as you begin to understand it he’s changed to Spanish and then Russian and so on.

or maybe it’s more like racing through an exhibition, there’s lots of things you want to see but you’re being dragged quickly along, nothing stays fresh in your mind.

As mentioned above, Voided by Ponces – Ireland’s leading GBV tribute band will play the second 10th birthday party in Twisted Pepper this Saturday.
Because it’ll be my birthday the band have kindly agreed to let me re-enact the Bulldog Skin video with them.

Listen to this record on Spotify.


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