Various Artists – Chum Onah: Butter x Face Celebrates the Music of M. Jackson (2009)


Michael Jackson is dead.

Nick: really?

when did that happen?

ha, so anyway….today we’ll review a MJ tribute album.

{track 1: Hungry Hungry Ghosts – Earth Song}

they went slightly off key there.

actually, not slightly, they went painfully off key there.

this isn’t a Michael Jackson song.

yes it is, Earth Song.

maybe I don’t know him too well.

how could you not know? his music is…or was inescapable.

well I know the song, I didn’t know it was by him.

it could be by Bruce Springsteen for all I know.

{track 3: Julian Lynch – Human Nature}

this is Michael Jackson?

no this is Julian Lynch.

he sounds exactly the same.

high voice.

yeah but lots of people have high voices, not many people sound like Michael Jackson, this guy has the same timbre.

I don’t like it.

I like the first one better.

{track 5: Tables and Chairs – Who’s Loving You}

this is a tribute too?


do they give any explanation for it?

fraid not.

it’s very difficult to say anything sensible about this.

everything is so different, some is quite good and some is just rubbish.

{track 8: Family Portrait – Will You Be There? (Free Willy Song)}

this is ok, sounds like a Christmas song.

I guess what this shows is just how good he was.

his music was exciting, made you want to dance.

this doesn’t.

{track 9: M. Pyres – I’ll Be There}

like, this….despite the relatively fast percussion, sounds as if they’re falling asleep.

{track 11: Julian Lynch – Leave Me Alone}

they did one earlier too right?


again I don’t recognize this song at all.

really? it’s a fairly faithful rendition.

maybe so but…. I don’t know it.

that’s it?

there’s a few nice things on it, but I’d rather listen to Michael Jackson, who is better then most of these people put together.

it suffers from… must be a trend in recent music… it all sounds tired.

everyone sounds like they’re about to fall asleep.

there’s no energy in it.

I suppose it’s cool to sound disinterested.

that’s been around for ages though.

yes but the more prominent it is the more it pisses me off.

if you don’t want to sing, don’t sing!

don’t pose.

but….you know I’d imagine it was put together in a hurry, jumping on the band wagon, which is always a bit sad.

well they’re giving it away free.

that’s good, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who’d want to buy it.

This was compiled by the gals over at Butter x Face.

Get it here!


One response to “Various Artists – Chum Onah: Butter x Face Celebrates the Music of M. Jackson (2009)

  1. I actually totally agree with what you said about our song. Michael is the jam and 6 key changes is unreal and so hard.

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