The Clash – London Calling (CBS, 1979)


Nick: I saw someone walking round in a Clash t-shirt the other day, and I thought ‘I have no idea what they sound like, I know who they are but….’

they’re very in the tradition aren’t they?

wow, weird that I picked to do them today so, van Vliet synchronicity.

….something like that.

when is this from?


it’s a bit Rolling Stones….


yeah, bit sharper, less sophisticated, rougher.

but I like it.

I don’t know if this is a term that works with music at all but it comes across as very honest.

I think that’s something they were aiming for, well, authenticity.

that’s why it’s instantly sympathetic.

mind you, I did hear the forbidden word in one of the earlier songs.

my *baby* drove up in a brand new cadillac?

no no that would’ve been fine, but I heard them say ‘baby baby’ at one point.

it’s very poppy isn’t it?

which you wouldn’t expect with the name.

it’s rough poppy, working class pop?

I probably shouldn’t say that.

whenever I saw their name I tried to imagine what they’d sound like, and it was never like this.

do you know who else they remind me off a little bit?

Ian Dury, the same raw sound.

it’s the… it’s the band you’d expect to write a football song.

they should’ve written a football anthem.

I actually can’t imagine anybody not liking this.

and they sound like they’re enjoying it, which always makes a huge difference.

they’re definitely having a good time.

well, you can count me a fan.

one of nick’s picks?


Have you seen that Joe Strummer documentary? The Future is Unwritten? I have. I watched it on a plane. Thought he came across as a bit of a dick, but maybe that’s because I hate flying, maybe *I’m* the dick?

Listen to this record on Spotify.


3 responses to “The Clash – London Calling (CBS, 1979)

  1. Amazing album.

    Re: “Baby”
    That’s an old rock ‘n’ roll number, so that was the original lyrics

    Re: “Ian Dury”
    Mickey Gallagher, Ian Dury’s keyboardist, played a big part on this album and the band’s follow-up, “Sandinista!”


  2. Has anyone seen londons calling C.B.S made in holland white lable

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