Girls – Album (True Panther Sounds, 2009)

girlsalbumNick: I assume these aren’t actually girls?

two boys.

I’m sure there there must be a reason for that.

he sounds like a young Elvis Costello.

it’s interesting.

they’re eh……sort of finding their way.

it’s quite inconsistent.

some of it was quite retro, old fashioned rock n roll, but then they stopped being retro and added…..interesting bits.

I like his voice as well, it’s not as Elvis Costello as I originally thought, but yeah he has that golf ball in the throat kind of voice.

back in the early days, when they didn’t have a name, do you think someone said to them ‘you’re a right pair of girls!’, and they said ‘a-ha!’.

it’s possible.

{track 7 – Headache}

now they sound completely different.

well, not really.

{track 8 – Lauren Marie}

it sounds like he’s saying ‘oh lord of the rings’

he is, he loves eh….Frodo and all that.


not really, he’s saying ‘oh Lauren Marie’.

it’s very good, I liked it, or like it.

they have a ‘sound’. I would probably recognize them again if I heard them, whereas a lot of bands at the moment, I find you listen to them and then half an hour later you can’t remember a thing because they sound like everybody else.

I always wonder what that has to do with? Most of them are based on the same instrumentation, but there’s so many other ways of making notes.

same with symphony orchestras.

I guess it’s just the staples, stuff that everybody likes.

if you start making a symphony orchestra with all these odd instruments in the place of violins, would be people like it?

it’s something I often wonder about.

and they certainly don’t sound like girls.

is that a good thing?

well….it is for two guys.

Trying to think of what to write here I googled ‘sexist jokes’ and that got me thinking; are sexist jokes gay?


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