Cave – Psychic Psummer (Important, 2009)


Nick: it’s ok.

there’s nothing terribly bad about it but you get the feeling they’re working to sell their music to a computer games manufacturer, I think.

it’s beginning to become sort of… a modern version of lift music.

it’s less making music then just playing music.

and playing with quite a lack of imagination.

I’m always amazed people actually buy that stuff.

if I was their music…eh composition teacher, I would put ‘MUST TRY HARDER’.

there’s nothing awful about it but it comes into my category of ‘nothing music’

weather you ever hear it or not, it makes no difference, it’s irrelevant.

this is one of those records where the more you hear the more you realise, it’s just nothing, no ideas, no……it’s just nothing.

you always get the impression that these people don’t really have a plan.

I was cycling down this big hill near where I live this morning. The sun was out, all the lights were in my favour and I thought to myself ‘maybe we should do that Cave record today’. So we did.


2 responses to “Cave – Psychic Psummer (Important, 2009)

  1. Block this, nutbeach!

  2. And if I were your composition teacher, I would give you that same comment.

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