WANTED!!! – One Faith No More Ticket.

I’m desperate, desperate enough to use this blog as a platform to beg from. I’m writing this on my knees: Please, someone help me get to the FAITH NO MORE show tonight.

If you’re an everyday person who’s being dragged along by your husband/wife/partner/sibling for company, I will happily take your place, seriously, take the night off, you deserve it, I’ll have them home safe before midnight.

If you work for MCD and want to help realise the first ever ‘Nick Thinks… Live Gig Review’, then get in touch, I’m more than happy to spend the gig writing down whatever Nick says in between songs. I’m sorry we never reviewed that CD you sent us, we’ll do way better this time I promise.

If you are a member of the popular group FAITH NO MORE or more likely if you are a member of the support, Adebisi Shank (good work guys!), and you happen to read this: put me on the guestlist, c’mon, don’t be mean.

If you are that one legged tout who is normally outside all the big gigs and tonight you notice a sad and dejected young man who looks kinda like Sue Perkins, that’s me! hop on over and sell me a ticket (at face value), don’t be a prick.

Seriously, if  ANYONE knows of ANYWAY they can help then please get in touch!

nickthinksblog [at] gmail [dot] com

Here’s what I wrote about FNM in March of this year:

FNM are back! I missed them at Dalymount Park way back when, Hopefully this summer I’ll finally get a chance to see the first band I ever loved.



One response to “WANTED!!! – One Faith No More Ticket.

  1. Oh hey, I’ve got one. You can have it! For free!

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