Taken by Trees – Open Field (Rough Trade, 2007)

tbtofNick: It’s very… nice.

it’s a bit… I mean, it’s nicely written, arranged and performed and very pleasant to listen to.

but it’s a bit precious, it’s the voice.

I would eh…

if this were a book it would be, very well written ‘chick-lit’.

who’s your favorite ‘chick-lit’ author?

ha, I don’t know any, I try not to read the stuff.

don’t get me wrong, lot’s of it is beautifully written, it just makes me sick.

it’s almost too pretty.

the main problem is there’s no contrast, sweet sweet sweet all the way through.

it’s like….ickkkg sickeningly sweet.

do you think she shoulda got Tom Waits in for some backing vocals, maybe a rap by Ol’ Dirty Bastard?

well, it needs something less sugary, anything.

{record ends}

oh is that it?

uh-huh, short and sweet, yeah?

heh, not short enough.

I hate to say that you know, because it’s very nice, beautiful voice and all that but it’s too much, after the third song it’s dripping with honey.

you start to gag on it.

does she have pig-tails? wearing a little gingham dress festooned with little yellow roses?

I could cope with one song a week, maybe.

I like to listen to this when I’m in the gym pumping iron. Victoria Bergsman has a new record out on September 7th on Rough Trade. Watch a ‘mini-documentary’ about the making of it here.



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