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Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska (Columbia, 1982)

bossraskaNick: is this a recent album?

nope, it’s from 1982, it was his sixth.

well, I don’t know if all his albums are like that because I haven’t listened to him a lot…

well you must know some of his albums, cause the first ones I ever heard were the two you own.

heh, ok I guess I do know that they don’t all sound like this.

this is extremely dreary, and all the song’s are the same.

lyrically, melodically, they’re all the same.

it’s pretty boring.

when you hear the first number you think, ‘oh that’s nice’.

but then it just gets…..on you.

I’d never buy this, maybe if he spread the songs out over a number of albums.

they should put a health warning on the cover.

or at least give away free antidepressants with it.

I’ve heard a lot of negative and depressive music, but this is the ultimate.

well these were originally intended to just be demos, versions were recorded with the E Street Band, but everyone agreed the demos had a feel that couldn’t be bettered.

well then everyone messed up.

Phah! I’m not even gonna bother defending this one. You know.




I [heart] The Monster Hero – Love Heart EP (Self Released, 2009)


Nick: Well……

they have their own sound.

it’s not a very nice sound bit it’s somewhat distinctive.

I’m afraid the music comes across as kind of childish.

there’s nothing developed or sophisticated about it.

they could be very talented 12 year olds.

maybe they’re trying to get that effect.

the unsophisticated effect.

it’s extremely simple.

I don’t think I would buy it.

maybe bands should try something else.

they should try…you know the traditional attitude, the Japanese attitude to art?

which is completely different from the European tradition.

the European tradition is ‘be like nobody else’.

but in Japan you see the master, you try to be like the master and then you try to be better than the master, and from that your own style develops.

it’s better than being different but crap.

if I combine the sound of a food mixer with a dog barking and a few explosions and then synthesize all that, I’d be making original music but it’d just be crap.

listen to track two again, tell me that’s not a brilliant song.

yyyyyyyyes, I guess I can hear something in that.

maybe I should listen to stuff twice, instead of going on first impressions.

it would make sense wouldn’t it?

but it might be a bit painful with longer albums.

I’m not so sure all yr responses should be….reasonable.

yes but they should be honest.

Jeez Louise. This is a pretty awesome record, Toni Baliey especially. Hear it all for free on myspace and then send him money.

Richard Heene’s Theme Songs (No Label)


we’re gonna do something a little different today.

Nick: this sounds pretty dramatic.


balloon boy.


balloon boy……..yeah.

oh! is that the boy in the balloon?

is there music about that?

well you know that way it was all a big hoax?


the father, Richard Heene has been trying to get on telly for quite a while.

does the father want to be famous?

he’s one of those?

those what?

extremely silly people.

well, yeah.

he had pitched some reality show ideas starring him and his family to various networks, they passed.

what’s more is that he already had theme songs.


yeah, so here’s his theme for The Psyience Detectives.

I guess you should imagine you’re sitting down to watch telly and the show has just started.

would you keep watching after hearing this?

Richard Heene – The Psyience Detective


was that it?

it sounds extremely amateurish.

totally derivative of every other cheapy TV thing.

nothing original about it.

but it’s memorable in its awfulness.

would I watch it?

depending on my mood.

I might have a look to see if it’s as bad as the music.

and now the next one.

Richard Heene – The Contractor

strangely enough, that one has something kinda charming, because it’s kind of naive, it’s unprofessional and quite fun.

no professional person would ever write something like that.

I think that one is closer to the jingles you usually hear on these crappy shows.

like The Simple Life. starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

I don’t know that.

so you’d watch The Contractor over The Psyience Deyective?

I certainly would.

the psyience detective one sounds like a schoolboy skit.

This story just keeps getting weirder and better. Songs / story nicked from HERE.

Pavement – Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Matador, 1994)


Nick: is this punk? is it post-punk?


when people talk about ‘indie’ music as a style rather than music that is ‘independent’, this is what I think of.

white dudes with guitars in the nineties.


I sort of like it.

despite the fact that there are bits where they have this problem I always find with band these days, they sound like they don’t want to be there.

but they have a lot going for them.

memorable melodies.

provides a bit of interest.

{track 8 – 5-4=Unity}

oooh, that was beginning to sound like The Beatles wasn’t it.

what Beatles song is that?

ehhhmm…it’s from Abbey Road.

‘because the world is round’…


yes, very much Because.

it’s the sort of thing that grows on you.

well, it grows on me.

I like it.

Imagine Pavement reunited! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Every year someone says, ‘Hey, I heard Pavement are reuniting!’ but I’ve learnt to ignore it, it just depresses me greatly when they inevitably don’t. But still, IMAGINE IF SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPENED!

BATS – Red In Tooth and Claw (Richter Collective, 2009)

batsredclawNick: Bats, as in the nasty things that…

I find it hard to say anything about this..

I mean, it’s not music I would enjoy.

it’s ehh… aggressive, musically speaking it’s not…

well, it’s interesting but not melodic at all, or at least the melodics aren’t interesting.

if you know what I mean.

the lyrics seem to be interesting but certainly not understandable to me.

it’s just random phrases.

well you can read along.

yeah but I want to listen to it.

it’s a bit relentless, listening to it makes you short of breath.

that’d make a good line for the sticker on the front.

‘listening to it makes you short of breath’ and people would be like ‘oh cool’, and then – ‘NO STARS’.

wasn’t there a time when this sort of stuff was much more popular?

you think they’re out of time?

yeah, like this is headbanging music.

I can see them flinging their long hair around, their razorblade neck chains swinging into the face of the person beside them.

maybe I’m wrong but this kinda music always sounds so easy to play.

you know?

like, as long as you can play loud and fast you can play this.

I could play this.

I reckon their mums didn’t let them practice at home.

and they couldn’t play at their aunties 60th birthday.

I know that this is their attitude, but there isn’t even an attempt at melodics, it’s just chord sequences.

but if that’s what they want…

I think it’s pretty melodic throughout.

well you’re wrong.

here’s a melody.

that’s just notes.

if that’s a melody, every single person walking the earth is a melodic genius.

so what, to you, is a melody?

you know it when you hear it.

of course, I’m being unfair, but in this day and age when you are exposed to absolutely everything produced…

there’s incredibly good stuff in the minority, mediocre stuff in the majority, and some really really bad stuff.

this is in the mediocre area.

The return of the first band we ever reviewed on here (although Nick didn’t know he was reviewing them at the time.) At least they escaped without being labeled ‘Mama’s Boy Metal’ again.

Florence and The Machine – Lungs (Island, 2009)


Nick: I’ve actually heard of them!

she’s big.

yeah I can see why it’s popular.

easy melodies, danceable rhythms.

but the old story, not enough variety.

and the first number sort of seems to promise variety.

{track 5 – Kiss With A Fist}

oh, that’s different.

she sounds like someone.

who is it?

Speedy Gonzales?

certainly not.

it’s good.

but not great.

you tire of it quite rapidly.

yeah it’s very full on.

too full on.

and I keep expecting it to go somewhere else.

but it doesn’t.

I guess the producer isn’t the most subtle.

three producers.

really? all with the same attitude?

maybe she’s just a natural shouter?

she sounds like someone very well known.

who is it!?

“I want my music to sound like throwing yourself out of a tree, or off a tall building, or as if you’re being sucked down into the ocean and you can’t breathe.”


when she sings rather then yells, she has quite a good voice.

you know who I heard this morning?

Boy George! what’s he up to these days?

you don’t want to know.

On Flo’s website you can find some tantalising recipe ideas with Knorr Ready-to-Serve sauces. Which is great.

Islands – Return To The Sea (Rough Trade, 2006)


Nick: it’s nice, nice music.

nothing new, nothing interesting.

maybe a few bits.

a little Beatle-y in the way they use occasional orchestral bits.

I like it.

if you listen to it carefully, there’s lots of interesting musical inventions in it.

but the way it’s handled…it doesn’t add up to anything new.

presumably it’s the melodics and rhythms being like everything you’ve heard before.

it’s what’s within them that’s interesting.

it’s very likable, it’s not anything anybody could ever hate.

lot’s of invention, interest.

it’s full of little ideas.

actually, I like it a lot.

are they new?

well this is from 2006, it’s their first, they’ve released two since, the second one was rubbish, haven’t heard the latest. probably never will.

why not?

I just don’t feel any great need to hear it, I’m happy with this one.

I guess I can understand that.

do you want to listen to the 4 or 5 minutes of rain before the final song, or do you want me to skip it?

4 or 5 minutes!?

I’ve heard better rain than this.

Sonic Seasonings.

oh by…


Wendy…the ladyboy.

he’s not a ladyboy! he had a sex change!

Walter Carlos who became Wendy Carlos, amazing story.

I wish I still had that record.

you do, it’s in my room.

oh I must get that later.

I’m still trying my best to not compile a list of favorite albums of the noughties (jesus I hate that word, can’t believe ten years passed without anyone thinking up something better). But this is almost as good as the Unicorns record, and that would certainly be in my top ten. If I had one. Which I don’t.

The xx – S/T (Young Turks, 2009)


Nick: mmm ehhhm yeah?

they have a sound which is recognizable.

they’re ehm…rhythmically uttlerly simple.

now, I want to say something about it but I find it very hard to express.

try dancing it.

obviously they have found their own sound and are quite recognisable because of that, but there is no…how should I say it?

there’s not much variation in the way they present the sound.

it could very quickly become very boring.

it’s a very one dimensional unique sound.

they’ll have to do something new with the sound on their next record or people will just give up on them.

the Observer Music Monthly said it ‘will become the ubiquitous dinner party album du jour.’ would you play this at a dinner party?

what?! certainly not.

who is this reviewer? to say that is pretty nuts if you ask me!

you get the impression that this is a method.

they’ve found a formula and they’ll stick to it.

and because of that it starts to sound manufactured.

I’ve got nothing more to say.

The xx are four pale kids who wear black, just like the ones that hang out around Central Bank.

Pixies – Doolittle (1989, 4AD)


Nick: when was this recorded?

well it came out in 1989.

REALLY!? oh that puts a completely different complexion on it.

because at that time I imagine this was pretty original.

even though I now know, it still doesn’t sound very 1989.

where were they from?


oh right.

they’re very good, but eh…

ok, everybody got, I presume….used to the name.

but it must’ve been a genuine handicap starting out.

I would never buy an album by a band called the Pixies.

why not?

well, I’d think they were probably silly girls.


to me it sounds like Bananarama but softer.

would you be more likely to buy an album by a band called Angry Samoans or one by a band called Pink Fairies?

Angry Samoans!

When they’re not busy playing golf with rugby greats or performing magic in tiny rooms, the members of Alt-Rock legends, Pixies love nothing more than to get up on stage together and play some of their many classics. Actually, I reckon they fucking hate it.
Have a great time if yr going to see them tonight or tomorrow in Dublin!