Pixies – Doolittle (1989, 4AD)


Nick: when was this recorded?

well it came out in 1989.

REALLY!? oh that puts a completely different complexion on it.

because at that time I imagine this was pretty original.

even though I now know, it still doesn’t sound very 1989.

where were they from?


oh right.

they’re very good, but eh…

ok, everybody got, I presume….used to the name.

but it must’ve been a genuine handicap starting out.

I would never buy an album by a band called the Pixies.

why not?

well, I’d think they were probably silly girls.


to me it sounds like Bananarama but softer.

would you be more likely to buy an album by a band called Angry Samoans or one by a band called Pink Fairies?

Angry Samoans!

When they’re not busy playing golf with rugby greats or performing magic in tiny rooms, the members of Alt-Rock legends, Pixies love nothing more than to get up on stage together and play some of their many classics. Actually, I reckon they fucking hate it.
Have a great time if yr going to see them tonight or tomorrow in Dublin!



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