The xx – S/T (Young Turks, 2009)


Nick: mmm ehhhm yeah?

they have a sound which is recognizable.

they’re ehm…rhythmically uttlerly simple.

now, I want to say something about it but I find it very hard to express.

try dancing it.

obviously they have found their own sound and are quite recognisable because of that, but there is no…how should I say it?

there’s not much variation in the way they present the sound.

it could very quickly become very boring.

it’s a very one dimensional unique sound.

they’ll have to do something new with the sound on their next record or people will just give up on them.

the Observer Music Monthly said it ‘will become the ubiquitous dinner party album du jour.’ would you play this at a dinner party?

what?! certainly not.

who is this reviewer? to say that is pretty nuts if you ask me!

you get the impression that this is a method.

they’ve found a formula and they’ll stick to it.

and because of that it starts to sound manufactured.

I’ve got nothing more to say.

The xx are four pale kids who wear black, just like the ones that hang out around Central Bank.


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