Islands – Return To The Sea (Rough Trade, 2006)


Nick: it’s nice, nice music.

nothing new, nothing interesting.

maybe a few bits.

a little Beatle-y in the way they use occasional orchestral bits.

I like it.

if you listen to it carefully, there’s lots of interesting musical inventions in it.

but the way it’s handled…it doesn’t add up to anything new.

presumably it’s the melodics and rhythms being like everything you’ve heard before.

it’s what’s within them that’s interesting.

it’s very likable, it’s not anything anybody could ever hate.

lot’s of invention, interest.

it’s full of little ideas.

actually, I like it a lot.

are they new?

well this is from 2006, it’s their first, they’ve released two since, the second one was rubbish, haven’t heard the latest. probably never will.

why not?

I just don’t feel any great need to hear it, I’m happy with this one.

I guess I can understand that.

do you want to listen to the 4 or 5 minutes of rain before the final song, or do you want me to skip it?

4 or 5 minutes!?

I’ve heard better rain than this.

Sonic Seasonings.

oh by…


Wendy…the ladyboy.

he’s not a ladyboy! he had a sex change!

Walter Carlos who became Wendy Carlos, amazing story.

I wish I still had that record.

you do, it’s in my room.

oh I must get that later.

I’m still trying my best to not compile a list of favorite albums of the noughties (jesus I hate that word, can’t believe ten years passed without anyone thinking up something better). But this is almost as good as the Unicorns record, and that would certainly be in my top ten. If I had one. Which I don’t.


One response to “Islands – Return To The Sea (Rough Trade, 2006)

  1. “I’ve heard better rain than this.”


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