BATS – Red In Tooth and Claw (Richter Collective, 2009)

batsredclawNick: Bats, as in the nasty things that…

I find it hard to say anything about this..

I mean, it’s not music I would enjoy.

it’s ehh… aggressive, musically speaking it’s not…

well, it’s interesting but not melodic at all, or at least the melodics aren’t interesting.

if you know what I mean.

the lyrics seem to be interesting but certainly not understandable to me.

it’s just random phrases.

well you can read along.

yeah but I want to listen to it.

it’s a bit relentless, listening to it makes you short of breath.

that’d make a good line for the sticker on the front.

‘listening to it makes you short of breath’ and people would be like ‘oh cool’, and then – ‘NO STARS’.

wasn’t there a time when this sort of stuff was much more popular?

you think they’re out of time?

yeah, like this is headbanging music.

I can see them flinging their long hair around, their razorblade neck chains swinging into the face of the person beside them.

maybe I’m wrong but this kinda music always sounds so easy to play.

you know?

like, as long as you can play loud and fast you can play this.

I could play this.

I reckon their mums didn’t let them practice at home.

and they couldn’t play at their aunties 60th birthday.

I know that this is their attitude, but there isn’t even an attempt at melodics, it’s just chord sequences.

but if that’s what they want…

I think it’s pretty melodic throughout.

well you’re wrong.

here’s a melody.

that’s just notes.

if that’s a melody, every single person walking the earth is a melodic genius.

so what, to you, is a melody?

you know it when you hear it.

of course, I’m being unfair, but in this day and age when you are exposed to absolutely everything produced…

there’s incredibly good stuff in the minority, mediocre stuff in the majority, and some really really bad stuff.

this is in the mediocre area.

The return of the first band we ever reviewed on here (although Nick didn’t know he was reviewing them at the time.) At least they escaped without being labeled ‘Mama’s Boy Metal’ again.


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