Richard Heene’s Theme Songs (No Label)


we’re gonna do something a little different today.

Nick: this sounds pretty dramatic.


balloon boy.


balloon boy……..yeah.

oh! is that the boy in the balloon?

is there music about that?

well you know that way it was all a big hoax?


the father, Richard Heene has been trying to get on telly for quite a while.

does the father want to be famous?

he’s one of those?

those what?

extremely silly people.

well, yeah.

he had pitched some reality show ideas starring him and his family to various networks, they passed.

what’s more is that he already had theme songs.


yeah, so here’s his theme for The Psyience Detectives.

I guess you should imagine you’re sitting down to watch telly and the show has just started.

would you keep watching after hearing this?

Richard Heene – The Psyience Detective


was that it?

it sounds extremely amateurish.

totally derivative of every other cheapy TV thing.

nothing original about it.

but it’s memorable in its awfulness.

would I watch it?

depending on my mood.

I might have a look to see if it’s as bad as the music.

and now the next one.

Richard Heene – The Contractor

strangely enough, that one has something kinda charming, because it’s kind of naive, it’s unprofessional and quite fun.

no professional person would ever write something like that.

I think that one is closer to the jingles you usually hear on these crappy shows.

like The Simple Life. starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

I don’t know that.

so you’d watch The Contractor over The Psyience Deyective?

I certainly would.

the psyience detective one sounds like a schoolboy skit.

This story just keeps getting weirder and better. Songs / story nicked from HERE.


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