I [heart] The Monster Hero – Love Heart EP (Self Released, 2009)


Nick: Well……

they have their own sound.

it’s not a very nice sound bit it’s somewhat distinctive.

I’m afraid the music comes across as kind of childish.

there’s nothing developed or sophisticated about it.

they could be very talented 12 year olds.

maybe they’re trying to get that effect.

the unsophisticated effect.

it’s extremely simple.

I don’t think I would buy it.

maybe bands should try something else.

they should try…you know the traditional attitude, the Japanese attitude to art?

which is completely different from the European tradition.

the European tradition is ‘be like nobody else’.

but in Japan you see the master, you try to be like the master and then you try to be better than the master, and from that your own style develops.

it’s better than being different but crap.

if I combine the sound of a food mixer with a dog barking and a few explosions and then synthesize all that, I’d be making original music but it’d just be crap.

listen to track two again, tell me that’s not a brilliant song.

yyyyyyyyes, I guess I can hear something in that.

maybe I should listen to stuff twice, instead of going on first impressions.

it would make sense wouldn’t it?

but it might be a bit painful with longer albums.

I’m not so sure all yr responses should be….reasonable.

yes but they should be honest.

Jeez Louise. This is a pretty awesome record, Toni Baliey especially. Hear it all for free on myspace and then send him money.



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