Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska (Columbia, 1982)

bossraskaNick: is this a recent album?

nope, it’s from 1982, it was his sixth.

well, I don’t know if all his albums are like that because I haven’t listened to him a lot…

well you must know some of his albums, cause the first ones I ever heard were the two you own.

heh, ok I guess I do know that they don’t all sound like this.

this is extremely dreary, and all the song’s are the same.

lyrically, melodically, they’re all the same.

it’s pretty boring.

when you hear the first number you think, ‘oh that’s nice’.

but then it just gets…..on you.

I’d never buy this, maybe if he spread the songs out over a number of albums.

they should put a health warning on the cover.

or at least give away free antidepressants with it.

I’ve heard a lot of negative and depressive music, but this is the ultimate.

well these were originally intended to just be demos, versions were recorded with the E Street Band, but everyone agreed the demos had a feel that couldn’t be bettered.

well then everyone messed up.

Phah! I’m not even gonna bother defending this one. You know.




One response to “Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska (Columbia, 1982)

  1. I love Bruce a lot and this is my favoutite Bruce album, I’ve never disagreed with Nick more.

    (A cover of the title track is going on the FSR record.)

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