The Roundtable – Spinning Wheel (Jay Boy, 1970)

TheRoundtableSpinningWheelNick: Well….

so far….

I love it!

it’s strangely eclectic music.

parts of it sound almost middle ages, madrigal melodies.

and then you combine that with jazz, chamber music.

but it works.

aha! there’s some Beatles in it as well.

I have a strange feeling I’ve heard this before.

sounds extremely familiar to me.

I love it.

absolutely riddled with influences!

they’ve dragged it from everywhere.

beautifully done.

hmmm sounds like a crumhorn?

I think you may be right.

only shows you that it can be done, very often when you mix styles and influences it ends up, you know, a nothing sort of hodge podge.

but this works extremely well.

I’m going to play this quite a bit.

it kind of reminds me of Gill Evans as well.

the things he did with Miles Davis, Sketches of Spain and the other one.

it’s also done with a sense of humour.

sense of fun more really, it’s not ‘funny’ per se.

yeah I guess your right.

and some great musicians.

{track 8: Spinning Wheel}


that’s not just a sense of fun, it’s the sort of thing Thelonious Monk would do.

that’s a sense of humour.

it’s good to hear people making music like that.

you wonder, where does that go?

it’s a pity that it’s a once off…or maybe not, maybe stuff like this should be a rarity.

it’s amazin’ what raisins can do!

you can tell this guy, I like his taste.

‘This guy’ is Paul over at the wonderful treasure trove that is Spiral. I asked Paul to recommend ‘something relatively crazy’ for Nick to review and he certainly came up with the goods. Get it here.




One response to “The Roundtable – Spinning Wheel (Jay Boy, 1970)

  1. “hmmm sounds like a crumhorn?”


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