Yo La Tengo – Popular Songs (Matador, 2009)









Nick: I’ve heard of them alright.

but I’m not sure where.

{seven songs pass}


far too….

sweet for my liking, not just sweet but sugary.

I can imagine this being played very successfully in the old people’s home while they’re having their tea and biscuits.

chocolate box music.

rose petals.

well you complain that a band like BATS couldn’t play their auntie’s birthday and then you…

and I don’t have the right to?!

well, I guess you do.

this is Manhattan Transfer again.

it’s just me, I’ve always liked music with guts.

but not too much?

well it all depends, I’ve absolutely nothing against lots of guts.

but I do have something against sugar….and little angels sitting on rainbows.

let’s be fair, your man from Donegal….

Daniel O’Donnell?

yeah! he has more guts than these guys.

they play this in posh hotels at tea time and the old ladies in their pearls say ‘oh wow isn’t the music here so up to date!’

actually that last one was ok. bit drawn out but it wasn’t bad.

Yo La Tengo are from Hoboken, New Jersey. Say it with me. Hoboken. Hoboken. Hoboken. Come play count the cardigans at their show tonight in Tripod.





3 responses to “Yo La Tengo – Popular Songs (Matador, 2009)

  1. “nick thinks” is an anagram of “thick skinns”, which are something i hope poor bats have. wish i were going to tripod tonight. bah!

  2. That’s pretty much a dead on summary of what I thought about the new YLT too.

    Bring on the guts!

    (I wonder what Nick would think about Condo Fucks…)

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