Patrick Kelleher – You Look Cold (Osaka, 2009)

Nick: is Patrick Kelleher by any chance Irish?


that helps.


wait, is that the album?

ha yeah.

it’s not a distant saw-mill?



it’s very interesting.

very interesting indeed.

I think.


if that is the right word.

you tell me.

yeah, it’s the right word, it’s what I mean.

well, in places, not everywhere.

this dictionary site is super-helpful; –adjective of, pertaining to, or characterized by atavism.


oh wait, here it is; reverting to or suggesting the characteristics of a remote ancestor or primitive type.

yes that’s it, do you get me now?

yeah I can see that, sure.

it’s not very original though.

there’s someone else who makes music just like this.

not that that matters a great deal.

the only problem with so many of these things, it fails to keep up the interest.

after a while you start to say ‘ehhh yeah ok, I’ve heard it now’.

it starts to disappear up it’s own arse basically.

I know that’s a nasty way of saying it but….

you know what I mean right?

maybe you just need to listen to it in a slightly different way, rather than as a whole album.

or maybe it’s…hmmmm.

{track 11: I Am Eustace}

here’s something different.

maybe they just got the sequence wrong?

One man, lots of synths, junkshop instruments, reverb. It’s cold, it’s desolate, it suits the view from my window, dead trees against grey nothing. But it’s good. Tonight the good folks at Foggy Notions have Mr. Kelleher and His Cold Dead Hands playing with Tickley Feather in Whelans. Wrap up warm.


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