Jim O’Rourke – Eureka (Domino, 1999)








Nick: Melodic to the point of prettiness.

so you don’t like it?

no, no you’re confused.

I don’t like wimpy, I do like pretty.

there’s some strange level shifts going on.

did he engineer this himself?

ehh.. maybe.

this is going on a bit long.

it’s very musical, nice bits of…..instrumentalisation?

or whatever you call it.

{track 3: Movie On The Way Down}

is this the same album?

why would I change it?

wow, ok well this is a whole different feel.

more contemplative.

it’s hard to believe this was written by the same person.

you should hear some of his other stuff.


versatility and eclecticism come to mind.

but very nice.

lovely music.

{track 4: Through The Night Softly}

he uses everything doesn’t he?

{huge cheesy/amazing sax solo comes blasting in}

hahahaha oh my god!

just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!

it’s pretty incredible really.

the only disadvantage is it’s not like listening to an album, it’s like he has a split personality.

in a recent interview Jim said that this record ‘represents a real failure for me.’

if it’s a real failure, why did he publish it?

that is a bit much isn’t it?

giving us his failures, that’s not very nice.

please buy my failure.

I guess it’s just one of the best failures ever committed to tape.







One response to “Jim O’Rourke – Eureka (Domino, 1999)

  1. Amazing album! mr o’rourke is way underrated

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