Giveamanakick – We Are The Way Forward (Out On A Limb,

Nick: Is Giveamanakick the album or the band?

the band.

is that still called heavy something?


it doesn’t strike me as what I know as Heavy Metal, but it’s heavy something.

am I going to get an answer?

my first reaction to stuff like this is, if they can play so well, why don’t they try and make proper music.

I know that’s bad but I don’t have the same reaction to…  say.. Hip-Hop.

I saw what’s his name…Dizzee Rascal last night on the concert for the children, and he was good, very good, good AND enjoyable.

I know this is good but it’s not enjoyable.

it would be great if they could apply their talent and energy to music.

{track 5: The Taking}

this has some interesting parts in it.

{track 7: Spit}

it’s amazing, with all the loudness he produces, he’s obviously trying to sing as loud as possible, if you could call it singing, but it doesn’t help with the diction, I still can’t hear what he’s saying.

well he’s from Limerick…

oh so he’d be hard to understand anyway.

”crowsy spee”?

is he upset about crows?

what did they ever do to him

the crowds they spit, the crowds they pity you.

ok but you didn’t understand that, you read it.

I’ve nothing to read it from.

are you from Limerick?

{track 8: Red Faced Killers}

the laughing is pretty good!

tonight is their last ever Dublin gig.

are they splitting up?


so this might be the last review they ever get?

actually of course not.

is the reason that they’re breaking up consideration?



that’s the bad joke drum sound, maybe I should’ve done the sad trombone.


there are things in it that are musically quite good and clever, they could be very good if they stopped concentrating on being loud.

what’s wrong with being loud?

is loudness in itself a virtue?

of course not, you just can’t see past the loudness to the great songs underneath.

well, maybe, all I can tell is that they’re angry about something.

GAMAK I will miss you, thanks for all the amazing gigs, records and….*sniff*, hold on, I gotta pull myself together.
Can’t wait for tonight!
Before they go, make sure to watch them go back to school.






One response to “Giveamanakick – We Are The Way Forward (Out On A Limb,

  1. Lets start a GAMAK reformation campaign

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