Super Furry Animals – Rings Around The World (Epic, 2001)

{track 5: Receptacle For The Respectable}

Paul McCartney is chewing carrots and celery on this track.

as percussion.

Nick: oh right.

it’s very poppy.

almost too poppy for me.

and it’s quite inconsistent.

how so?

well every song sounds like a different band!

and it’s over layered, I can’t make head nor tail of it.

too much going on.

everything and the kitchen sink.

it can be slightly interesting, but it’s needless.

like, you had to tell me about Paul McCartney, I would’ve never noticed, no one would.

if you strip away all the other instruments can you hear the sound of a spider making it’s web on this track?

keep it simple boys!

actually, I’m not for keeping it simple, I’m for things that are aurally practical.

to my mind the whole thing has a lack of clarity.

the voices, the mix, the melodies, the whole thing is diffuse.

there’s no clear idea of what they want their music to be.

here’s a quote:

We were trying to make a blockbuster album that was going to be like The Eagles, but we left off the tracks that sounded like The Eagles. We had big debates about the line-up, but it ended up being a 50 minute album; it was going to be an hour-and-a-half. I was into the excess of it, that was the whole point. We had Chris [Shaw] who makes a huge sound engineering the record. We were trying to make utopian pop music that had pretensions of being progressive and exciting

right, well they failed.

I can see what he’s getting at, but this isn’t exciting, this is a mistake that not just musicians make but all artists do, they confuse quantity with excitement.

if they had dropped half the stuff, it would be a serious help.

get Paul McCartney to crunch his celery somewhere else! send him to the kitchen.

oh! i thought it was over there.

every song sounds like a finale.

if this was book, I’d say it needs an editor.

someone to go through it with a red pen, not that! not that!

one of my pet hates with cooking – rainbow trout with almonds.

that’s what this is.

it’s a fine dish without the almonds.

leave the almonds out.

you can hear that it could have been a terrific album.

but it isn’t.

maybe if they had had John Lennon slicing an onion on one track it could’ve been better.

Zing! I like stupidly massive albums. Sometimes.


3 responses to “Super Furry Animals – Rings Around The World (Epic, 2001)

  1. to introduce someone to the furries with this album is to do the band a disservice. this was the beginning of their slide into shite in my opinion – there are some great tracks but it lacks the cohesion of any of their earlier albums. i wanna know what nick thinks about mwng!

    • i love doing bands a disservice.
      nah i picked this because it’s so big, i wanted nick to have lots to comment on.
      and i still love phantom power, that imo, was the last great thing they did.

  2. Phantom Power is pretty great alright. Still, I think it’s probably the only great thing they’ve done in the 2000s. I’m not that fond of Rings around the World – it has a fair few great songs, but a lot of what we call filler in the commenting game.
    Radiator FTW!

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