Kurt Vile – Childish Prodigy (Matador, 2009)

Nick: Childish Prodigy? well he certainly makes childish jokes with his name!

actually I kinda like these first sounds.



but is it good?

I don’t know, strangely enough.

I’m finding it hard to decide.

it sounds like something from quite a long time ago, if you know what I mean?

where are they from?



I have no idea why this is…this might sound weird…

but I thought they might be German.

well Kurt Weill was German.

yes but I knew this didn’t have anything to do with him.

do you know what impression I get?

it’s of a…

if you make a sculpture out of a load of rubbish, a dust-pan, a broomstick, some potato peels, whatever, and then it turns out quite nice.

and this is like that, if you took apart all the elements… they’re crap alone.

all the voices going ‘bu-buuuuuuu’ and so on.

but put it altogether and you have something quite good.

ordinarily crap and conservative bits put together to make something interesting, a triumph of mixing?

Two apologies!

Firstly! Sorry there hasn’t been many posts of late. Nick and myself have had very little work to do recently. Now, you’d think with all this spare time we’d be able to review numerous albums every day but the reality is we’re not sitting in the office together much. We’ll try harder in January, promise.

Secondly! I always try to avoid plugging stuff I’m involved in here but this is kinda late notice and I haven’t seen much else about it anywhere as a result so….This Sunday, Foggy Notions presents Kurt Vile w/ Lie Ins (I drum) in Twisted Pepper, it’s an early show and costs 13.50. Come along, it’ll be fun.



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