Clues – Clues (Constellation, 2009)

featuring ex-members of The Unicorns and Arcade Fire

Nick: Really?


this may be unfair, I have a feeling you need a few listens to really judge this properly, it’s interesting but muddy.

muddy in everything, the arrangements are too busy, I don’t know what they’re trying to do.

it’s unclear.

to a degree this is sort of…not extremely experimental but it is experimental.

to compare it with, for instance Radiohead, that had a shape and a form and direction that was very definite.

they knew why they were experimenting, they understood where they wanted to go.

but this is experimental while looking for a shape.

and sometimes they seem to be on track but then it goes off again.

it’s not the same as eclectic.

eclectic means you integrate lots of different styles.

I’m going to paint a watercolour, oh no let’s do an oil painting, oh shit wait, maybe it should be a linocut? or how about an etching?

I don’t know if I’m expressing this correctly, do you know what I mean?

I know this is a hobby horse of mine, but it all sounds dispirited.

if you compare it with the Arcade Fire, that has spirit and enthusiasm.

that’s what carries it.

I don’t think I’d want to live in a world where every band is as spirited as the Arcade Fire.

oh no, me neither.

you need some moany pricks.

yeah maybe, no, you do, I agree with that.

The tables have been turned! Nick is making me listen to Mumford & Sons. Clues are WAY better.


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