Alex Bleeker & The Freaks – Alex Bleeker & The Freaks (Underwater Peoples, 2009)

Do you think we could review the Alex Bleeker record without you mentioning the wah-wah?

Nick: haha, we can try!

it’s a very sympathetic sound, I think.

isn’t it?

you sort of…despite the fact….his mother shouldn’t have given him a wah-wah pedal for his birthday, you end up liking it.

it’s definitely music of the last century, nothing wrong with that.

it’s clangy.

do you know what I mean?

it’s metal, clang! I’m sure that’s want he wanted though.

{track 4 – Animal Tracks}

this reminds me of something.

it’s a cover.

yes but it’s probably a cover of something I don’t know.


haha, no it’s the voices, the way they’re put together.

but the whole thing sounds like it was recorded thirty years ago.

and the voices are old! it’s hard to believe these are guys in their 20’s.

maybe they’re faking it, maybe they’re in their 40’s? and they just got some young guys to pose for the cover?

actually you do get used to the wah-wah, it’s less irritating then it was yesterday, maybe they just should’ve toned it down a bit in the mix, it’s so obtrusive.

who has a voice like that?!?

it’s someone you play a lot. someone who has a voice very similar to that.

can you not think of it? a high, old voice?

I know what you mean, gimme a second.

I know who it is!


Little Wings!


When are Underwater Peoples gonna trip up? It’s like someone started a record label just for me! Alex Bleeker also plays bass in those champs Real Estate, most of Real Estate are The Freaks, with Julian Lynch on that ‘obtrusive’ wah-wah. These are haunted, dusty Country Rock jams. It’s nothing new but who cares about new? Special is where it’s at!


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