Drunken Boat – Plumb The Depths (Self Released, 2009)

Nick: Well, yeah.

they’re very serious aren’t they.


and what’s wrong with being serious?

nothing! they just come across as sort of…ehh…hand knitted jersey, pipe smoking, philosophy discussers.

‘did you read page 260 of that Sartre book?, I’m going to write a song about it.’

not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I’m sure they are very nice guys but would you want your sister to marry one of them? would you like to go have a pint with one of them?

and I’m not so sure that I would.

No, it’s not so much…I don’t mind serious but this comes across as ponderous.

it’s like this guy who comes and sits beside you in a pub and you don’t know him from Adam and he talks all about the woes of the world and after five minutes you just have to say ‘oh for God’s sake lighten up!’

Lighten up? Look at that weather out there! Drunken Boat actually kind of sound just like a drunken boat, slowly crashing through stormy waves. It’s seriously serious, fantastic stuff.



One response to “Drunken Boat – Plumb The Depths (Self Released, 2009)

  1. Oh my, the FBI will be hiring Nick for his personality profiling skills soon, just watch!

    Lovely album. Hopefully hear a lot more of em in 2010!

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