Beach House – Teen Dream (Bella Union/Sub Pop, 2010)

Nick: Teen Dream? oh my god!


the title of the album makes one fear the worst. I think.

it’s nice, very sweet. and slightly soporific, they are almost lullabies. so far.

it’s on the edge of…put a tinkly harp in there and it would be sickening.

at the moment it’s still bearable.

in terms of pictures I’d describe this as ‘Chocolate Box’.

however it’s eminently suitable for overly romantic girls between the ages of 12 and 16.

music to listen to while playing with a pink fluffy bear.

{track 9 – Real Love}

this is…slightly different. it suddenly has a little more bite.

it’s not crappily produced, it’s well done. but too sweet.

do you like them?

mlyehh….I’m not too gone on them no, they’re not awful. everyone is already saying album of the year.

who says that? their parents?

everyone, every single person on earth.

maybe I should leave earth so.

Awkward Indie Boning Album of the Year 2010!!


2 responses to “Beach House – Teen Dream (Bella Union/Sub Pop, 2010)

  1. I need a pink fluffy bear.

  2. you’s are talking through your arse and haven’t a clue!

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