The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground And Nico (Verve, 1967)

Nick: What’s the date of this?


oh right, I was just going to say it takes me way back.

it sounds it, it’s nice.

I’m nowadays inclined to sort of…well….this is sympathetic music.

{track 2 – I’m Waiting For The Man}

gentle, quite mellow with a strong nod to Bob Dylan.

gentle? how times have changed.

yes! I guess back then it sounded like…

you were being attacked with a hammer.

{track 3 – Femme Fatale}

ok maybe that last one wasn’t as mellow but this is.

she has a lovely voice.

and his voice is definitely a less-grating Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan with all the edges taken off.

{track 6 – All Tomorrow’s Parties}

nice bit of variety too.

sounds like they’re singing kind of posh.

think that’s just her accent.

well she sounds posh to me.

did you know the world’s most expensive piece of art was sold this week? a Giacometti sculpture. 65 million!



I think one of the most expensive records ever sold was by The Velvet Underground.


let me check, hold on, weird that you would mention it now.

ehm…7th most expensive record ever according to this site, an acetate of this album in a plain sleeve with some different tracks went for $25,200.

this is the best thing I’ve heard since listening to Joanna Newsom this morning.

it’s not the greatest album ever but well worth having in your collection, can I put it on my I-pod?

I was talking to a friend recently about the first time I heard Heroin and he told me a great story. When he was 12/13, himself and two friends were hanging out on their road after school when one of the lad’s brothers, Titch (one of those MEAN older brothers) told them to come into the house. They wandered into his room where he was playing this album. Heroin began, he said ‘listen to this’. The four of them stood there in complete silence for the songs seven minutes and when it ended Titch beat the living shit out of the three of them.

Listen to this record on Spotify or y’know just take it down off the shelf and put it on, you have it.


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