So Cow – Meaningless Friendly (Tic Tac Totally, 2010)

Nick: Yeah, I quite like it, I get the impression that they’re trying to do more than they’re musically capable of.

well it’s just one guy.

Oh well that explains it, it’s like…ehm I can’t think of any example.

He’s….trying to play a concerto when he can only handle sonatas?

But, yes if it’s just one guy, then it’s quite an achievement.

The first number…It got better after that. I thought ‘Oh here’s someone who’s listened to Oasis too much.’

I saw one of them, the brothers from Oasis at the Brit Awards the other night, my God what an unsympathetic prat! He needs to be taken into a corner and slapped.

He’s a really stupid…bit of dirt. Maybe he really is scum but he should at least try to hide it.

{track 5: The Tony Keady Affair}

I’m not wild about the drumming here in sync with the voice.

But I like it, it’s a bit too rough at the edges and he’s never heard the expression ‘less is more’. So many layers.

Maybe he’s trying to disguise the fact he doesn’t know what he’s doing? Hiding under it all.

Apart from there being too much noise and not enough music, and the melodics start becoming a bit samey after a while, it’s quite an achievement for someone on their own.

And they shouldn’t be called So Cow, this wouldn’t help cows produce more milk. Mozart does that.

So Cow is on tour for the rest of his life, this record is (physically) out very soon. Go see him, buy this record. My brain is not working today.


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