Adebisi Shank – This Is An Album By A Band Called Adebisi Shank (Richter Collective, 2008)

Nick: Are they African?


Oh… ok.


They certainly have, so far, their own sound.

and is it a sound that you enjoy?

Yeah, sort of….yyyeah.

They’re slightly reminiscent of The Jimmy Cake, there are elements that are similar. Do you not think?

Well…you seem to compare every instrumental band we review to The Jimmy Cake.

No. No I don’t.

Any idea where they got the name Adebisi from?

Yes. Yes I do.

And are you going to tell me?

After I do some typing.


He’s a character from the popular prison drama Oz.


Shank? {making a stabbing motion} They ‘shank’ people in prison.


What does Adebisi mean to you?

Well it’s an African name, there’s an author, I think her name is Adebisi, I’ll look for the book later.

{Googling} So far it seems to be most common in Nigeria, it’s the Nigerian Murphy.

Oh no the author is Chimananda Ngoz Adichie.

Do you think she’d like these guys?

How would I know? I’ve only read a book by her!

Yes but from that book…

Probably not.

Can you think of any authors that would really like this album?

Why? Are you going to send it to them? “We thought you might like this.” It’s pretty intrusive music, not good for writing.

They come up on Google! A lot as well, Adebisi Shank torrent, Adebisi Shank Wiki, Adebisi Shank Twitter.

{record ends}

Quite likeable, heavy without being nasty and unpleasant Heavy Metal. But it’s the same with all that stuff, you couldn’t cope with a lot of it, it’s so relentless. They should release albums where they intersperse this with bits of Vivaldi, just so you can get your head together again.

Actually that’s a really good idea!

One day I was out walking, the sun had just come out after a heavy rain. I looked to the sky and saw a rainbow forming (happens all the time). As it’s arc stretched over the field I ran to position myself in it’s path. I was standing there, eyes closed, arms outstretched like Verve era Richard Ashcroft during an instrumental passage. Waiting for it to hit. Imagining the intense rush of feeling. But nothing happened, I had miscalculated my mark by a few feet. Bad depth perception I guess.


One response to “Adebisi Shank – This Is An Album By A Band Called Adebisi Shank (Richter Collective, 2008)

  1. I love your anecdote about the rainbow dude 🙂

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