Jonny Fun And The…Hesitations – Carpe PM (Self Released 2009)

Nick: What are they called again?

Jonny Fun…

Oh yes, and the hesitations.

And The….Hesitations.


got it.

It’s nice stuff, but he doesn’t sound like Jonny ‘fun’.

You think he’s Jonny….

Well he’s not fun, there’s no fun in the songs, or in their execution.

Jonny Slightly Contemplative is more suitable.

The Hesitations doesn’t really cover the band either but it’s closer.

Very likeable, tuneful, gentle music.

I’d say in the regular Dublin venues they’d have a problem with not being heard, everywhere I’ve been people stand there screaming at each other till you can’t hear the music.

Nice voice too, again, sympathetic.

One of the few things you’ve played me recently that I’d actually buy and listen to on a regular basis.

It’s the old fashioned, good melody, good lyrics, nice execution, you can’t go wrong.

In that respect it’s very traditional.


There’s quite a bit going on too. And it all fits, everything here is meant to be here, no useless noise like other modern stuff.

Yeah, I like this a lot.

I feel like I should add a disclaimer here. I’m involved in the Popical Island collective. So is Jonny Fun. Also, he’s a friend. I’ve always been a little cautious (hesitant? weh weh) of getting Nick to review stuff by friends of mine in case it looks like he’s giving them an easy ride or whatever. But that’s definitely not always the case. So shut up.


One response to “Jonny Fun And The…Hesitations – Carpe PM (Self Released 2009)

  1. just glossed over that love heart ep review, i reckon “maybe bands should try something else” is one of the best put-downs i’ve ever come across, bravo nick!

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